Art Glass | Architectural Digest Home Design 2015

Borealis Studios

Art Glass at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show was inspirational this year. This is my second year visiting the show in New York City at Pier 94.

Most of my time was spent within the Made Section of the show, visiting with several glass artists. My personal favorites from the show, demonstrate uniqueness in color and design.

Glass-Vase-jaime-harris  1. Jaime Harris Studios: Amazing technique that is shown  within his Encalmo Orb Vessels. “The Incalmo vessels series represents an ever-changing examination of color contrast within a more sculptural format. This work is as tied to American Modernist painting as it is to the Venetian glassblowing tradition.

I use traditional techniques in the hotshop, layering color into the surface, but seek to deconstruct the vessel and its traditional functionality by carving away at the glass surface. I work with a definite emphasis on altered forms and vibrant colors to create strong, dramatic atmospheres in these sculptures.”


Solin Glass Vases

2. Solin Glass : Always a pleasure to see new work by my good friend Randi Solin of Solin Glass based in Vermont. The colors and the layers found within her Shard Series are stunning! What is most amazing is to learn about her process

“To make a shard piece, we first spend a week in the studio creating gallery quality vessels, then we smash them with a hammer! I then create a shard design on a metal plate working with glass pieces in two-inch sections, with consideration to the opaqueness and transparency of the individual shards.”



3. Barry Entner : Pure luxury in design for custom chandelier glass lighting. Barry Entner’s art work can be found within luxury homes worldwide. I am always impressed with his latest featured sculptures and lighting in glass. The color found within the chandeliers are rich with purple hues.


 4. Borealis Studios: Devin Burgess Glass  Artist : Just wow in color and design! I was impressed with their new collection in glass vases. The sand blasted technique used rather than a clear transparent colors, really highlighted the subtle glass color fades. The forms are soothing to the eye.

Shown to the right image, a grouping of glass cylinders in varying heights demonstrate glass design in excellence.

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