Glass Art Sculpture in the Making

Glass Color Rods Glass Art Sculpture the making of a Bernard Katz Glass design from start to finish. A behind the scenes view from our glass studio in Philadelphia.

Bernard and I decide on the perfect colors to use for our glass sculptures. There are many colors to choose from opaque to glass powders.

Bernard works with two skilled assistants to create the piece within our glassblowing studio. The hot glass process of sculpting each piece can take up to an hour. Due to the extreme high temperatures, the piece must stay up to temperature, otherwise the sculpture may break.

The glass sculpture is slowly brought down to a room temperature for several days in an annealing oven.

Blown glass sculpture in Blue Color



Once the piece is at room temperature, Bernard can grind the clear glass button off the end of the piece and bring to a high polish.  (the button is where the piece was attached to the glass punty)

Bernard sandblasts the transparent part of the glass sculpture, which gives  the piece a gorgeous smooth “frosted” texture. The sandblasted part is carefully coated with a sealer called “liquid luster.”

Coldworking glass sculpture in blue

From start to finish, a glass sculpture can take several weeks to complete.

The final results are rather spectacular! As shown below from our Melange Collection in Cerulean Blue the Bolinas Sculpture.

Blue Glass Sculpture by Bernard Katz

2 Responses to “ “Glass Art Sculpture in the Making”

  1. It’s amazing how you must be able to visualize the finished product before you start, and then it goes so fast I can’t believe it … except that I’ve watched it happen.

    • KatieK says:

      Yes Tina, we try to create the piece with a small clay sculpture first. It can take several pieces when blown hot, until we finally resolve the perfect form. Once we have it down, the sculpture takes an hour to make in hot glass. Thank you for the comment and glad you enjoyed!

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