Gofundme|Help Urban Natives Return to the Rez

My son Kevin created a gofundme for traveling to the Navajo Nation to learn about our Navajo roots.

My story I was adopted as a baby into a loving white family
living in New England in the 1970’s-80’s.

l always knew about my Navajo roots and felt it in my soul. My internal creativity spoke through me as you see within my artwork.

I have since journeyed to my ancestral homelands a few times but yet felt like an outsider.

It’s been a lifelong pursuit finding my birth family, clans, and where do I come from on the Navajo reservation?

Finally the pieces of the puzzle are
coming together. I have found my birth family and I want to journey back with my son to learn more.

The Gofundme link is on my profile to learn more. If you are able to help our goal we would greatly appreciate it! Even sharing helps.

We appreciate all the encouragement and donations so far thank you 🙏🏾

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