Hand Blown Glass In-Stock Lighting Pendant Sale 2019

Hand blown glass in-stock pendant lighting sale 2019 for the month of April. Decorate your residential and commercial  interiors with colorful hand blown glass lights from the Strata Series. Choose from teardrop, round and new cylinder pendant shapes in a variety of earthy colors of lime, sage, cobalt, tangerine, ruby, amethyst and white opal.

Each light comes with hardware from WAC Lighting with energy efficient LED light bulbs.  Choose from brush nickel finish to bronze color, whatever works within your residential and commercial interior.

Now is the time to decorate your interior with gorgeous handmade glass pendants that are on sale until 4/28/19!

Order them until they’re all gone!

To learn more about the Strata hand blown glass collection please visit our Online Art Gallery at


One Response to “ “Hand Blown Glass In-Stock Lighting Pendant Sale 2019”

  1. Anna says:

    These are spectacular, and they would even be OK in my home. Hung up high out of reach of my children!

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