Making of a Glass Tree Vase

After 25 years of creating the Tree Series, I wanted to share what goes into the making of a glass tree vase.

Each glass vessel created within our glassblowing studio, is made with a  team of three. As shown below, Bernard Katz and our glassblowing team are working on  the Bellied Root Vessel. At the temperature of 2100 degrees, the hot glass bits  are attached to the glass vessel creating  three-dimensional roots.


Glassblowing Vessel


Adding glass hot bits










The blown glass vase is placed in the  annealing ovens. The annealing ovens slowly cool down the work to room temperature. Without the annealing process, a piece can break apart.


Bernard Katz Blasting Birch Knots

The vase is handblown with two layers of color. The inside color is transparent and the outer darker layer of color is etched into with hand drawn branches by Bernard Katz.

The Birch Vase on the left, is carved by hand to show the beautiful notches found on Birch Trees.

Bernard sandblasts each vase which reveals the inner color and the design of the tree branches.

From start to finish, a vase from our Tree & Root Series can take two weeks to create.


While the Tree & Root Series is a timeless collection, we will no longer be making vases and vessels from the Tree & Root Series.

The last remaining pieces, are now available to purchase  Katz Glass Design

To see more work from our Tree & Root Series, be sure to visit our  website: Bernard Katz Glass


Bernard Katz Sandblasting Tree Vase

Bernard Katz holding hand blown glass Large Root Vase

Bernard Katz Large Root Vessel








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