Painting with Molten Glass interview with Wes Hunting


Katie Katz  interview with Wes Hunting  Glass Artist

At the Baltimore Craft Show, I had a chance to sit down with glass artist Wes Hunting of Wes Hunting Studio Glassworks. This was really exciting for me, since I have not seen Wes for over 5 years!  Throughout his 37 years as a glass artist, Wes always impressed me with his approach to glass making.  As Wes describes it, ” it’s all about being able to make  what I want, when I want, and keep it moving until I can no longer do so.”


Wes Hunting, discussed his latest glass series, The Color Field Vessels.  The Vessels originally began in 1984 and are continued today. The glass technique used to create the wildly colorful series is “Millefiori.” I am particularly drawn to the organic forms of each glass vessel.


Another body of work, that takes Wes quite of bit of time to create each sculpture is the Crystal Portal Series. The layers of clear glass with the colorful millefiori designs blown within each sculpture. Rather amazing to learn about Wes’s process of creating each one, which he describes as “painting with molten glass.”

To Learn More about Wes Hunting, be sure to watch my Interview on You Tube.


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