Running on Navajo Indian Time

Navajo traditional dress

Navajo traditional dress

My mind is always racing with non-stop thoughts, it is so hard to stop the constant chatter. Turning the voice off in my head is a difficult to control. I am working on quiet meditation for at least 20 minutes of stillness.

As an Navajo Indian living on the East Coast within a major city is a far cry from where my ancestors are from. I am from the Dine Nation, Navajo Tribe. The Dine Bikeya is a between the Four Sacred Mountains of New Mexico and Arizona. When I am on the Navajo Reservation, it takes me several days to unwind. I am told β€œto run on Indian time, no watches needed.”

How does one forget about time? Especially with cellphones and computers? What happens if I miss that important job lead? Once I free myself, I am able to enjoy the total freedom. I am soaking in the awesome landscape of canyons and mesas. This is inspiration to an artist!

While I live in Philadelphia, I try to take my mind on a mental trip to the Navajo Nation and for a brief moment β€œI am running on Indian time.”

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