Stunning Artwork at Glass Weekend

Toots Zynsky


Stunning Artwork | Glass Weekend

Wheaton Arts Glass Weekend 2015 brought glass artists, collectors and galleries from all over the world to Millville, NJ. Every two years, I enjoy visiting the show, to see the finest in glass art.

This year brought several standouts from Habitat Gallery, Toots Zynsky, image shown above. “Toots Zynsky’s distinctive heat-formed filet de verre (glass thread) vessels enjoy a widespread popularity and deserved acclaim for their often extraordinary and always unique explorations in color.”  – Corning Museum of Art.

Grant Garmezy

Grant Garmezy

American Artist Grant Garmezy hand blown glass sculptures are impressive to see in person. I have enjoyed seeing his glass animals on social media. I had no idea how large the work was until I saw them at the Glass Weekend Show.

Jiyong Lee’s colorful glass sculptures create an ethereal mood in glass. The colors are rich and vibrant!


Jiyong Lee

This year I noticed several women glass artists participating in the show. Including Amber Cowan, Amanda Simmons and Toots Zynsky. They are all different in artistic styles and glass mediums.

Amber Cowan’s wall sculptures are incredibly intricate. Her glass process is flame worked and fused American Pressed Glass, Steel, mixed media within her wall sculptures.

Amber Cowan Glass

Amber Cowan

Amanda Simmons glass technique can be best described by her, “I make kiln formed glass vessels, playing with gravity in the kiln. Manipulating mass, heat, colour and time I aim to create complex, elusive work that has intense colour and pattern which reacts to the light it is placed in. I use opaque glass powders to construct my work because of its varying translucency as the form elongates in the kiln. I finish the kiln fired pieces using many cold working processes to shape and mark the glass including sandblasting, hand lapping and diamond point and wheel engraving.”

Amanda Simmons

Amanda Simmons


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