Lighting Hardware

Included Hardware for Pendant Lights

Our pendants arrive with all needed hardware for fast and easy installation. We use high quality Ogetti brand LED hardware and fixtures. Ogetti brand hardware is UL approved, and represents cutting edge technology at its finest.

The standard length of the braided steel drop cords is 6 Ft. We can provide 12 Ft cords for a small additional fee. The cords can be cut to length by your electrician at time of installation.

Our ceiling canopies all contain their own transformers, and attach seamlessly to any standard ceiling junction box.

We offer mono point canopies and chandelier canopies. Chandelier canopies can support 3, 6, or 12 individual pendants.

Our hardware is fully dimmable and is available in brushed nickel and dark bronze finish.

Outside U.S. hardware requirements

Depending on your location, step-down transformers specific to your country’s electrical system will need to be installed to align our hardware.